Cuvée Couch Featuring Rachel: NY Fashion Week With Jenné

Cuvée Couch Featuring Rachel: NY Fashion Week With Jenné

Rachel, our founder, sits down with fashion world maven Jenné Lombardo to discuss all things New York Fashion Week. Jenné is the Co-Founder of MADE Fashion Week and she is the Founder of The Terminal Presents.

Feeling inspired? Here's a recap of Jenné's best tips for surviving NYFW (or any busy, demanding week) to follow!

Prepare in advance for your busy week by being organized! From your closets to your social calendar, don't try to wing a busy week, prep, prep, PREP!

Each day, plan two looks for yourself. One for the day, and one for the night. This cuts back on time, but keeps you runway ready!

Take care of yourself! Stay hydrated with lots of water, green juices, and even Iced Green Tea (Rachel's favorite because it boosts metabolism and doesn't give you a jittery feeling!).

Saying "NO" isn't always a bad thing! Reduce your stress of a busy week by not overcommitting yourself to too many engagements.Alternate nights you are going out, and commit to the gym in the mornings to kickstart your day and energy!

Remember to celebrate with Champagne! Bubbly is the best accessory to any NYFW affair...especially if there are A list celebs in attendance. Watch and learn who Jenné ran in to!


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