We’re taking the scalp and hair health conversation a step further by way of total body health. Physical activity that stimulates blood flow has long been reported to increase the amount of natural antioxidants in the body, aka cellular level care for your skin and hair! If that’s not motivation enough to keep on with your 2018 fitness goals, maybe you’ll be able to stoke that metabolic fire with some of our favorite fitness products. Stake it UK!  #willandgrace

You’re obsessed with your newest sheer paneled high-rise leggings from Bandier, ordered a strappy fashion-forward (somewhat-functional) sports bra from Revolve and plucked a “No Pain, Champagne” sleeveless tank from your local boutique. Congrats! You now fit in with all the #fitspo on Instagram, so it's time to get serious about working out!

But before you ‘kick-off’ any fitness journey, you have to start with a comfortable foundation under your feet, literally. What sneaker you wear when working out can prevent injuries and enhance your performance. But with so many options out there, choosing the right shoe type can be overwhelming. Are you going to be running? Weightlifting? Cycling? Do you need a featherweight design? Shock absorption. Rubber or foam sole. And what exactly is hexagonal-tread?? Head to a specialty running store and invest in a shoe that works best for your sole.

adidas, Performance Women's Ultra Boost Running Shoe, $180

Suffer from SDSTM (self-diagnosed short term memory?) A wearable everyday fitness tracker is an essential need. Gadgets like the Fitbit or Apple Watch can track things like sleep, heart rate, physical activity and even send you reminders of when to get off that office chair and ‘move it, move it’.

Fitbit, Alta HR Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, $149.95

Love to lift weights to Kanye West? Body bump with Beyonce? Do cardio via Cardi B? Cool down with NEEDTOBREATHE? Listening to a good workout playlist can be the key to keeping yourself motivated. But not all headphones are made the same. There’s nothing worse than ripping an ear piece out mid-sprint, so wireless is the way to go. You’ll also want to opt for a pair that can handle major sweat (gross but important!)

Bose, SoundSport Free wireless headphones, $249.95

Looking for an effective way to work out your butt and thighs? Slip on the P.ball by P.volve (try saying that five times fast) between your legs and sit your heart out. Using this ball in its’ resistance elastic band gets you toned thighs and a lifted behind.

P.volve Fitness, P.ball, $59.99

Was a New Year’s resolution to get that bikini bod you’ve always dreamed of? Well make like Carrie Underwood and take the wheel. An Ab Wheel will improve your abdominal muscles, and can even help prevent lower back pain. While it takes some getting used to as you build up your core strength, the pay-off is ab-tastic.

C9 Champion, Ab Wheel Lime Green, $11.99

When it comes to hand weights, lightweight doesn’t mean ineffective. Just take our Founder Rachel Katzman’s advice for choosing the right size. “Don’t ever go above 2 pounds unless you want to bulk up. If you do the exercises the right way, you’ll feel the burn and get lean, toned arms without needing extra weight.”

P.volve, 2lb hand weights, $19.99

Looking to improve your core strength (and stop being known as the friend who is always losing their balance?) Insert: BOSU Balance Trainer. One side flat surface, one side exercise ball, this fun and effective device can be used for tons of different exercises. From squats and lunges, to crunches and push-ups, the BOSU Balance Trainer will take your work out to the next level.

BOSU, Balance Trainer, $129.95

(Featured Image Photo Credit: P.volve)

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