Cuvée Beauty founder Rachel Katzman on why champagne is the simplest hair secret.

I'm just a girl who accidentally got saved by champagne. It might sound ridiculous, but bubbly beauty miracles do happen.

For my 21st birthday, all I wanted to do was go to Vegas and get sprayed with 21 bottles of champagne. Because why not? What I didn’t know is that champagne showers give you the unexpected perk of great hair.

When I came home, I was obsessed with recreating the effect of this champagne hair. Shiny, piecey, perfect. I even carried around a spray bottle of champagne for styling on the go, which earned lots of crazy looks. Loves it!

So rather than staying glued to my spray bottle, I started Cuvée, which basically means "best of the batch." My intention was to create a line of simple products that the everyday girl could use. I also wanted a collection that’s totally curated. We’re all busy enough already, so let’s make one thing simpler. Like great hair.

Cuvée is all about glamour with minimal effort. There’s one shampoo and one conditioner that everyone can use, plus our Champagne Spray, a Styling Balm, heat Protective Spray and the most delicious treatment ever, our Première Treatment. It’s the most concentrated form of the bubbly-inspired proprietary Complex™ that’s found in all our products. You can use it three times a week to help bring your hair back to life.

I’m not a hairstylist. I’m just a real girl who had real hair problems and wanted a simple fix. I taught myself about formulation and found the best labs to help make lightweight, multi-use products with skincare-grade ingredients and a scent that’s good enough for the French. These products have helped me go back to drinking champagne instead of wearing it, and back to having my hair feel and look on-point without extensions.

I'll be sharing real-girl hair and beauty tips on our Instagram (@cuveebeauty), so keep checking in. In the meantime, cheers to locks so good they deserve their own Vegas show.

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