THIS is the Secret to Healthy Hair

Cuvee Essential Booster Product Image Placed in Front of Gold Mirror


Here’s a fact: Shiny, strong, healthy hair doesn’t just happen. It starts at the scalp and gets that covetable luster thanks to tender loving care. Putting in the effort to nurture and protect your strands from root to tip with the right ingredients and products is what makes all the difference.

This is where the Cuvée Essential Booster comes in. The potent elixir essentially does for your scalp and hair what a skincare serum does for your skin. And this baby has quite a kick! It contains the highest concentration of our exclusive Cuvée Complex, which means it’s infused with a blend of skincare-grade ingredients, like ceramides and resveratrol, and a luxurious mix of Champagne, white truffle, platinum extracts, and pea proteins, as well as all the moisturizing benefits of hyaluronic acid and B vitamins. With use on the reg, the healthier and more head-turning your hair will become.

The super-powered formula is designed to enhance the appearance as well as the overall health of your hair and scalp. Benefits like smoothness and shine are instant, and over time, your hair is repaired and protected on a cellular level to encourage growth and give you stronger, healthier, more luscious strands. Is your mind blown yet?

Using it is the fun part. The multi-purpose blend is like your personal Choose Your Own Adventure story, so you can be the master of your mane. By applying it in different ways, you’re able to completely customize your haircare regimen for tailored benefits. Here’s how it works: Add a few drops to any liquid-based hair product (especially one that’s just not working like it used to) to boost performance and infuse an immediate dose of nutrients, shine, and manageability. For extra-gentle cleansing and a silky-smooth finish, mix it with your shampoo; for lightweight volume that’s packed with moisture, mix it with your conditioner; for soft volume after styling, run it though damp hair; to tame frizz and flyaways apply it to dry, styled hair (the non-greasy texture melts right in, so it won’t weigh you down). Basically, one bottle does it all, so you don’t have to buy an arsenal of products to meet every single need your hair has.

And here’s another big-time benefit: The travel-friendly bottle is also TSA-approved so you can stash it in your carry-on and take your daily haircare routine on the go. The way we see it, you’ll never miss a beat (or a great hair day) ever again. Now you can truly expect everything from your hair.