Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day brings on pressure. Did you plan the perfect thing? Am I doing enough? Let’s not forget this day is about spending it with your loved one and appreciating them. BUT a little gift never hurt.

No matter your feelings on Cupid’s special day, we have a few suggestions for surviving the 14th in style. Here’s our roundup of the best V-Day gifts for your sweetie…or yourself.

  1. White roses. Obviously. You can never go wrong with flowers. White roses used to stand for purity, but don’t let that stop you from buying them. Two dozen in a round vase will look great on any nightstand.
  2. Pink silk pajamas. So cute, and not at all old-school. So perfect even to wear outside. PJs are more romantic than lingerie…and they’re a great way to stay on your girl’s mind before she goes to sleep at night.
  3. A home-cooked meal. Sure, it’s nice to be with someone who can always score the perfect reservation at the perfect little place. But on a notoriously showy holiday, nothing is as sweet as stealing a moment in private. Make your signature dish. Save room for dessert.
  4. Delicate jewelry. Our founder, Rachel Katzman, keeps her jewelry minimal and lets her locks lead the way. Remember: a classic, elegant piece never takes away from great hair.
  5. Champagne…always. We believe bubbly is an everyday beverage, especially on Valentine’s Day, of course! So grab a couple of glasses and toast to a fun night ahead.