Blow-Out Your Hair…NOT Your Wallet! A Female Entrepreneur On Making It In Haircare

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1. If you only had $45 dollars to spend on one Cuvée Beauty product, what would it be and why? 

“This is tough because I am a ride or die user of our entire line! But if I only had $45, I would spend my money on our Champagne Spray. Don’t tell the other products, ha! Our Champagne Spray is so versatile and gentle, so whether I am doing my hair for a night out, only have 5 minutes in between meetings, or just need a quick hair-fix after a workout, I can always easily achieve a styled look.”

2. What's the age you took interest in future financial planning?

“I am fortunate to have grown up in a business and commodity driven family. So naturally, at a young age—I want to say early teens—I really started to understand how to responsibly account for my money, whether gifted or earned. In my early 20’s, I’ve focused on investments that would generate returns I can measure, and where I can make investments to future-proof my life. You can never be too prepared, and the best thing to do is educate yourself on how to financially plan in the best-ways related to your income and expenses.”

3. What's your take on negotiating?

“Do not negate negotiations! As I embarked on becoming a young female brand founder and CEO, I quickly learned the power of respectful negotiations. I still work on finding my own techniques and comfortabilities in business deals, but I always task myself with the question of “What if I never asked for that one thing I wanted, or the one thing I felt would better this deal?”, and from there, I find my drive to empower conversations and exchange dialogue that maximizes the concept of a “win/win” for all parties.” 

4. Who are some of the business leads you follow?

“I live for the business and marketplace updates in my LinkedIn feed! I can capture such valuable insights and conversations that really encourage me to be a better businesswoman and business owner every day! I follow quite a bit of beauty industry news, Instagram Influencers, business leaders and more, but to name a few I’m obsessed with, here we go!

Arianna Huffington

Tory Burch

Oprah Winfrey

Bobbi Brown

Jaclyn Johnson

Carlotta Jacobson"

5. What's the most shocking cost of NYC living outside of real estate?

“The cost for organic groceries! Be prepared to invest in stocking your fridge if clean eating is a must for you, the way it is for my husband and I!”

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