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One of the best things about spring (aside from the sunny outlook) is the bevvy of bright new beauty that comes along with the season. From hair care that revitalizes limp locks to moisturizer that restores a rosy glow, the products we’re loving rn will elevate your arsenal to shelfie status—and up your glam game to ultimate #goals.
Glossier Lid Star
From the cool-girl beauty brand that floods your insta feed daily comes their first foray into eyeshadow. These liquid metallic glosses come in six shades that range from opalescent to smoky green. They lend your lids a sheer wash of color that dries quickly for a shimmery look that’s lit. 
Cuvée Shampoo & Conditioner
The regimen your hair should never be without, this essential system bathes your strands in only the best ingredients. Champagne, white truffles, skincare-grade nutrients, and antioxidants work to gently cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize your locks so that they’re stronger and more lustrous than ever. Wash, rinse, repeat on the reg for best results.
Cuvée Premiere Treatment
This potent elixir contains a high concentration of Cuvée Complex, which blends nutrients and Champagne extracts to nourish your hair back to life and boost body and shine. Go ahead and toss your head all you want.
Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer
This pink gel isn’t just a pretty package (although, millennial pink for the win). Loaded with hyaluronic acid, amino acid-rich watermelon extract, and skin-soothing botanicals, the formula locks in hydration for the juiciest boost. It also smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher infusion for your face, and feels as cool and lightweight as it looks.
Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer
Every beauty insider knows Harry Josh is the go-to hairdryer for that just-came-from-a-salon blowout. And now, the master stylist is lifting the weight of the world from our harried dry time and our arms—literally. Thanks to this super-light, super-fast version of his iconic hot tool, we now have more minutes and less muscle fatigue so we can get back to being our best bombshell selves. Bow down.
Urban Decay All Nighter Full-Coverage Concealer
Finding a concealer that actually does its job is like being on a road to nowhere. But not anymore. We just discovered what could possibly be the end all in under eye and on-the-spot camouflage. This full-coverage concealer works like spackle but looks like skin—and it’s waterproof, so it goes the distance. It’s so good, you can even use in lieu of foundation just to even out problem areas on days you’re going for a dewy glow. 
Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Smokey Eye Beauty
If ever there was a palette that did it all, it’s this one-hit wonder. The complete kit comes with three eyeshadow shades to go from daytime natural to all-out evening smoke and mirrors, two shades of blush for a wash of color and a hit on the apples, plus bronzer, and highlighter. Think of how much lighter your makeup bag just got.
Clé de Peau Radiant Lip Gloss
All diehard skincare junkies know Clé de Peau offers crème de la crème care for your complexion. Since this beauty brand is based on skincare, their makeup imparts the same kind of luxuriousness that makes your skin feel like a million bucks. This just-launched gloss is no exception. It delivers a dewy glow that leaves your lips lusciously hydrated and anything but sticky. Choose from eight shades that range from baby pink to saturated ruby.
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