One shampoo. One conditioner. Because simplicity is beautiful.

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You know the scene. You’re in the haircare section of your favorite store. Maybe in-person, maybe online. You’re staring at a million brightly colored bottles of shampoo and conditioner. There are choices for volume. Fine hair. Color-treated hair. Hair repair. And now anti-aging is a thing for hair, too.


Our founder, Rachel Katzman, was always confused by the overwhelming choice for what should be pretty simple: buying staple products to clean and condition your hair. So she went back to basics with Cuvée. Just one shampoo and one conditioner, on purpose.

There’s no more guessing what your hair needs on any given day, or feeling like the struggle is all too real when you’re fixing the mess from a product your hair didn’t like. So Rachel sought out a “one size fits most” product.

Cuvée’s shampoo and conditioner work together for one simple goal: supporting a healthy scalp so your hair can live its best life. We’re talking gentle cleansing, subtle volume and shine, and just the right amount of moisture. That, and a great champagne-and-fig fragrance to top it off.

Our formulas are free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates but still create a gorgeous lather. A quarter-sized amount is great for most mid-length hair types…not too heavy for the fine-haired girls, not too light for the thick-haired girls.

One shampoo. One conditioner. You can get all the looks you want, and you’ll never get confused in the haircare section again. What’s not beautiful about that?

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