Ready To Style: Rocking The Turtleneck

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Watch the video and read below for simple steps for hair that pairs turtleneck edition. And the best part, you’ll have a finished look in less than 30 seconds!

Would you have guessed the secret to a gorgeous bun is actually a ponytail? One caveat. The base for all our styles is our clinically-proven Shampoo and Conditioner System. It’s that full, lusciousness that makes playing with different hairstyles fun.

So an elastic, a few pins and a spot of Styling Balm. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Start with a high ponytail.
2. Divide hair in two sections and twist each.
3. Wrap sections around each other to form bun.
4. Brush ends to smooth over. Pin in place.
5. Use Styling Balm to own your finished look.