The Essentials Collection

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The Essentials Kit
featuring NEW Essential Booster

If purchased separately: $159 product value

Reclaim your independence by customizing your haircare with Cuvée Beauty. With this specially-designed kit, you are guaranteed to have all that you need for healthy hair with effortless style.

An added bonus - buy all of the Cuvée product you love and receive our NEW Essential Booster– an innovative first that breaks all the rules. By adding 3-4 drops of our Essential Booster, you can customize any product with the hair-enhancing and conditioning benefits of our exclusive Cuvée Complex™. The skincare-grade ingredients of our Cuvée Complex™ are joined by moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and B Vitamins for a one-of-a-kind boost to your haircare regimen.

Tailor your style any way you want with Essential Booster:

    • For added shine and manageability: mix with any liquid-based haircare product
    • For extra-gentle cleansing and silky results: mix with shampoo
    • For lightweight fullness that’s packed with moisture: mix with conditioner
    • For relaxed style with soft volume: apply on damp hair and style as usual
    • For added smoothness, separation and shine: apply on dry, styled hair


    • NEW Essential Booster, 2oz
    • Shampoo, 8oz
    • Conditioner, 8oz
    • Premiére Treatment, 1.7oz
    • Champagne Spray, 1.7oz

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