Champagne Infused

Terrycloth Towel Hair Wrap

$15.00 Original Price

What It Is

Terrycloth Towelwrap:

One size fits all
Machine washable

Lightweight & durable
No slipping , no dripping
Dries hair faster to save time on blow drying

What it’s not

You won’t find sulfates, parabens or phthalates in anything we do. We think you’ll be pleased to know we don’t test on animals either, which makes us proud to say we’re cruelty-free.

Who It's For

One Size Fits All

Key Ingredients

Terrycloth Microfiber 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
What did I do before this?!

Holy smokes. This towel wrap is EVERYTHING. No more goofy looking t-shirts or giant towels needed. I put a little essential booster in, wrap my hair and finish getting ready. By the time I'm done my blow dry time is shorter and my hair is less frizzy. Highly recommend.

Soft & Luscious!

This is the BEST towel wrap I've ever used, so much better than your average. It's so soft and the elastic/button closure is key! Keeps it nice and secure while your hair dries. Perfect for getting ready or lounging post-shower if you don't feel like doing your hair yet!

Got rid of my frizz!

Love using this to dry my curly hair! I have so much less frizz than when I dry with a regular towel. Plus it's super soft and easy to wear! Easily transportable too so I can take on vaca or to spin class :)

Hair Styling Must-Have

This wrap is the perfect addition to any hair routine. I throw it on right after the shower and keep it on throughout getting ready for my day and putting makeup on. It's a MUST have no matter where I am. Such a good price point and fashionable too