About Us

Defying expectation, Cuvée Beauty was born from the pop of a cork and realized by a beauty-conscious woman with the determination to create products that can make hair better.

While celebrating her 21st birthday, Rachel Katzman was showered with champagne by her friends. At the end of the night, she couldn’t believe how great her hair looked and felt. Rachel’s natural curiosity kicked in and she spent the next three years researching ways to bottle that champagne effect for hair—all while experimenting with ingredients in her bathroom. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Rachel partnered with a lab, and, in 2016 turned her bubbling beauty obsession into Cuvée Beauty.

The name Cuvée, a champagne term that refers to “best-of-the-batch” for the finest results, captures the essence of the brand. Each product is formulated with our proprietary Cuvée Complex, a rare and potent blend that combines skincare-grade ingredients including ceramides and Resveratrol, and a luxe mix of champagne, white truffle, and platinum extracts to enhance the appearance, as well as the overall health, of hair and scalp. Smoothness and shine are immediate. With continued use, hair is repaired and protected on a cellular level to encourage growth and is stronger, healthier, more lush.

Cuvée has a unique philosophy based on simple luxury. Best-of-the-batch ingredients. Easy-to-use products. Proven results. So you can expect everything from your hair.