The Cuvée Complex™

A Champagne Toast for Your Hair

The secret behind every Cuvée Beauty product is our proprietary Cuvée Complex™, an exclusive elixir that blends top-of-the-line ingredients for beautiful results. The primary ingredient: Champagne Extracts, to give hair gorgeous shine, body and life.

Our founder, Rachel Katzman, discovered champagne’s benefits on hair by accident. Once she saw the amazing results, she consulted a top laboratory to create a highly potent complex that combines the best effects of champagne and a luxurious selection of other carefully chosen, ultra-pure extracts. All designed to give hair luscious, touchable softness and shine.

The results? Your healthiest looking hair. Glamour with minimal effort.

Skincare-Grade Ingredients

The Cuvée Complex™ contains highly potent ingredients that support both healthy hair and a healthy scalp. The Complex™ is skincare-grade, designed for the utmost purity and efficacy.

Everyday Luxury, Everyday Care

Infusing every Cuvée product, our exclusive Complex™ combines a luxurious experience with powerful care. Each product distills a dose of real-girl glamour, while improving the look of hair. Our products contain no parabens or sulfates, meaning you can always style without stress.

The Complex™ has your back. Now let’s give your hair the life it deserves!.