The Cuvée Complex™

A Champagne Toast for Your Hair

A new luxury in haircare. Hair health and endless style from a few high-performing products. It’s possible with the Cuvée Complex™. The propriety elixir of nutrients and Champagne extracts that nourishes hair to life, boosts body and enhances shine. It’s in each of our products. It’s the powerhouse behind Cuvée Beauty. 

When our founder Rachel Katzman realized the advantages of using Champagne in her hair, she partnered with a top laboratory to recreate those beautiful results and then some. The Cuvée Complex™ combines all the hair-enhancing benefits of Champagne and blends carefully chosen, ultra-pure repairing extracts to give you the hair you’ve always wanted: gorgeous, strong, luscious and healthy—with minimal effort.

Skincare-Grade Ingredients

Because your hair responds as well to healthy, beneficial ingredients as your skin, we’ve added highly potent and pure skincare-grade ingredients to the Cuvée Complex™ to give you stronger, more gorgeous hair while supporting a healthy scalp for future hair growth.

Everyday Luxury, Everyday Care

We’ve infused each Cuvée product with the exclusive Cuvée Complex™ to deliver a dose of everyday luxury with hair-enhancing effects. Our products are formulated without the use of parabens, sulfates or  phthalates—better for your hair, and your health.

And, they get results.

In clinical testing:*

  • Hair was 2x as strong after using Cuvée Shampoo and Conditioner System.
  • Hair had 50% less breakage after using Cuvée Shampoo and Conditioner System.

In a consumer panel test with 50 luxury beauty consumers:**

  • After one use, 90% of women felt their hair was more manageable.
  • After two weeks, 90% of women said Cuvée Shampoo and Conditioner System prevented their hair color from fading.
  • After two weeks, 88% said hair looked and felt healthier.

We committed to setting a new standard in haircare with The Cuvée Complex™. Now we have proof for you that is more than just words—real results.

* Complete instrumentation and clinical testing performed by Tri-Princeton Research, Princeton NJ, July 2017

** Consumer panel research by Ayton Global Research, July 2017

Skincare-Grade Ingredients

The Cuvée Complex™ contains highly potent ingredients that support both healthy hair and a healthy scalp. The Complex™ is skincare-grade, designed for the utmost purity and efficacy.

Everyday Luxury, Everyday Care

Infusing every Cuvée product, our exclusive Complex™ combines a luxurious experience with powerful care. Each product distills a dose of real-girl glamour, while improving the look of hair. Our products contain no parabens or sulfates, meaning you can always style without stress.

The Complex™ has your back. Now let’s give your hair the life it deserves!.