Cuvée Beauty Signature Scented Candle

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Literally, cuvée stands for the best of a category. When it came to fragrance, the signature Cuvée Beauty scent of “Champagne and Fig” was designed by one of the most renowned fragrance houses in Grasse, France—the perfume capital of the world. Cuvée Beauty is extending experience beyond the haircare category and into lifestyle with a limited-edition signature scented soy wax candle. It’s a beautifully-boxed candle that captures one of the most identifiable features of Cuvée Beauty. Sultry aromas of fig, blond wood and amber will delight as a small gift-to-self or even as a re-giftable. Either way, this candle is a luxurious experience all on it’s own.

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  • Directions
    Burn time is 20 hours. Net. Wt.: 3 oz.
  • Ingredients
    Soy wax votive candle.