For anyone who has ever suffered the pitfalls of oily hair—we feel your pain! Limp, greasy-looking hair is the pits, and it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with on a daily basis. So you try different shampoos and conditioners, layer on the dry shampoo (and layer, and layer…) and spray on products that promise to make a difference, only to find that hair looks…well, not exactly like what you had in mind. It’s maddening!

It’s time to take control of your oily hair. Yes! There are simple lifestyle changes you can make to help cut the grease and curtail your hair stress. We’ve turned to our friends at Refinery 29 for their go-to tips. Whether you use them all at once or try them out one at a time, these helpful hints are at your fingertips—literally!—to help you achieve that gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted.

1. The best shampoos and conditioners control oiliness and leave hair carefree.

 We’ve been taught for years that the more a shampoo lathers, and the more hair “squeaks” when it’s wet, the better off it is for oily hair and scalps. The truth is, harsh sulfates that cause that foaming action can be incredibly hard on your hair, scalp and even on your skin! Cuvée’s luxury haircare products are formulated to be gentle, thanks to their infusion of the Cuvée Complex—a blend of Champagne, white truffle, platinum and skincare-grade botanicals that improve scalp and hair health with every use. They won’t strip hair, but they will effectively cleanse dirt, oil and product from hair.

2. Use less alcohol.

We’re all for alcohol in our Champagne glasses, but using hair products that are loaded with it? We’ll pass. A high alcohol content in your haircare can strip hair and scalp of oils, causing your sebaceous (read: oil) glands to kick into high gear to make up for the lack of oil they’re suddenly experiencing. A vicious cycle if ever there was one! Cuvée’s luxury haircare is formulated with this in mind, so you can wash, condition and style without worry.

3. Do less dry shampoo.

We get it. Oily hair + dry shampoo = a much better hair day, but too much of a good thing can definitely be a bad thing. Using dry shampoo for days in a row will only weigh hair down and suffocate your hair follicles in the long term, and it can definitely irritate and dry your scalp, which can lead to (you guessed it!) more oil production. Try to limit your dry shampoo to a day here and there, or two at the most.

4. Treat yourself to a massage.

A gentle scalp massage on dry hair can help distribute oil and increase blood flow for healthier hair. Using the pads of your fingers, gently massage your scalp in small circular motions, increasing the size of the circle as your proceed. Added bonus: You’ll end up relaxed, as well!

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