Clinically-Proven Results

Results based on clinical studies have proven hair will be 2X Stronger, 4X Smoother, with 50% less breakage.

Superior Ingredients

Beyond champagne the Cuvée Complex™ is made with an intoxicating combination of efficacious skin-grade ingredients that enhance both hair and scalp health.

Uncomplicated & Clean 

Great hair should be achieved with fewer products & less time. Cuvée Beauty’s products are multi-use with non-sticky or greasy formulas & made for you no matter your hair’s mood, type, or length.

Intoxicating fragrance

Deliciously scented with our custom Champagne & Fig signature fragrance. A luxurious scent that blends the essence of champagne, juicy fig and vetiver to energize you, and keep your hair freshly scented all day. Now available in Eau de Parfum Rollerball.

A Happy Accident


It all started with a splash!

 After a great night out, where a few friends were having a little too much fun, we ended up with more champagne on us, instead of in the glass! We noticed how soft and shiny our hair was, even the next day. After some research, we learned that grape seed extract is a primary ingredient in luxury skincare formulas as well as in some of the best champagnes reserves and it delivers exceptional hydrating benefits. Well, that explained a lot! And this was too good not to share. We took this and ran with it, right into our haircare.


Cuvée Believes in Strong & Healthy Hair

You don’t need to be a stylist or a chemist to take great care of your hair. Beautiful, healthy hair is an everyday luxury that anyone can have.

You are empowered and confident when you look and feel your best. That’s why each and every Cuvée product is infused with rare, potent and skin-grade ingredients with hair-enhancing benefits.

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