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21 Products You Absolutely Need For Low Porosity Hair

March 31, 2022

Ever notice that the moisture you hoped would penetrate your curls (or scalp) only seems to sit on top of the surface? Does it often feel like you have more product build-up versus actually nourishment? Then you may have low porosity tresses!

Hair with low porosity can often feel limp or waxy because the cuticle does not properly retain moisture on its own. Want to know where your curls fall on the scale? Try the water test!

Just fill a clear glass with water, place one strand of hair in the water. If it floats,your hair is considered “low” or less absorbent to water. If it sinks to the bottom, your hair has a higher porosity, and it if it stays in the middle, consider your strands “normal.”

We tend to follow a list of reocurring guidelines—like skipping protein or using lightweight formulas—when searching for suitable products, but the process can still be difficult.


Cuvee Beauty Champagne Infused Styling Balm

Expect to be able to feel a change in your tresses! With volume, gloss, and staying power, this lightweight lotion balm offers an effortless style for all types of hair. Smoothes frizz and flyaways with a conditioning solution filled with hair-strengthening elements. It also contains the special Cuvée ComplexTM and a delightful scent that includes champagne and fig leaf notes.