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Best Of The Batch

September 14, 2017

Let me count the ways I love Cuveé beauty:


1. Scent


3. Ingredients 

The list goes on....


I originally discovered this brand about a month ago. Really interested in hair care  that is actually good for the hair, Cuveé stood out. Their ingredients are unconventional (Champagne extracts, White Truffle, Platinum along with other Botanicals) but they work wonders. 

The first thing I noticed when using the shampoo/conditioner was the immediate change in texture. My curls were bouncy, shiny, and smelled amazing! Next I used the   protective treatment spray before blow drying and flat ironing my hair. What a difference! I could tell even before straightening my hair how much more tame it was. This helps cut down the overall time it takes doing my hair and that's always a plus.


**Yes, I know it is a lot of heat I expose my hair to. I am, however, a strong believer in NOT washing your hair everyday. So this routine is only a twice a week thing for me. At times I even leave my hair curly for the whole week to give it a break.

This past weekend I also used my new favorite thing... Champagne Spray. Sounds crazy but it is the coolest thing I've discovered all year! I spritz the champagne spray on sections of my hair before curling it, then again all over prior to a light hold hairspray. It produces a shine and hold like no other! It also gives the appearance of a beach wave which is perfect for an effortless boho look. 


I'm a huge fan of Cuvée! The benefits are apparent after using their products for almost a month now. It's a definite must have if you care about what harsh chemicals get placed in your shampoo. Such a simple, straightforward line... I can't wait to see what they come up with next! 


Check them out here... Cuvée Beauty


This article was originally published on StasiSays.com.