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Cuvée Beauty

December 06, 2017

Y’all, We Made It To Mid-Week!!  Hallelujah!

 So . . . I hadn’t planned to do a blog post on this but I wanted to share these products with y’all because I like them so well and it just wouldn’t all fit into an Instagram caption!!  So here we are!

 For those of you who don’t know, I am a hair FREAK!  I love hair – it’s the first thing I notice about someone (yes, even before their shoes!)!!  When my children were little, I loved doing their hair!  Meggie’s,  gorgeous and long – always adorned with some type of bow (usually one bigger than her head!! hahaha!!)  and Landon’s always perfectly spiked!  Both SO Adorable!

 Here they are – Then And Now




I Am SO Blessed ~ They Are Wonderful!

 Oh my, I have gotten WAYYY  off track – I’m afraid this happens often!!   Anyway, back to haircare!! 

 I have used the same products on my hair for years and years.  So when Cuvée Beauty offered to let me try their haircare line, I agreed with a good bit of skepticism.

 Seriously – I’ve just never found anything I like better than what I’ve been using!!

 Cuvée is a French term that refers to the best of the best first pressed grapes used in making a high quality, prestige blend of champagne.

 Cuvée Beauty is all about glamour with minimal effort. All products include their bubbly-inspired proprietary Cuvee Complex ™, which contains a special blend of champagne, white truffle, platinum extracts, resveratrol and botanicals. The products are super lightweight and smell amazing!

 You’re probably just like me . . . ok, all that is great BUT let’s get down to what Really Matters!  How does the line make my hair look and feel??! 

Is there really any difference in the before and after of it all?? 

 Well, I’ve been using these products for a couple weeks now and my hair feels just Fabulous!  I color my hair (I’m sure you had nooo idea😊 ) and keeping it healthy is so important!   My golden locks are softer and shinier than they’ve been in quite some time!  


 If your budget is limited, I would definitely suggest trying the Shampoo, Conditioner and Protective Treatment.  I believe those “basics” are the foundational products that have created such an improvement for me personally.   

I also LOVE their Volumizing Mist ! Just Seriously So GOOD!   This treatment takes my hair to the next level (literally! Haha!)  Such great bounce and life!   

And their Champagne Spray is wonderful when you want a more tousled look – it’s great for creating those relaxed waves – normally not my look (I’m a 80s girl for goodness sake!!) but I have used it to re-freshen my style and loved the results!!

 I have just been blown away because I really didn’t expect to see a significant difference and these products by Cuvée Beauty have made ALL The Difference!  I hope you’ll check them out ~ You Will Love The Results!!



 Also, wanted to mention my yummy chenille robe!  I have SO enjoyed this snuggler on these cooler Fall mornings!  It’s from Bath & Robes

Pop over and check out all their coziness for Fall!!

 Have a great Wednesday my sweet friends!  And thanks for stopping by for a quick read!

 ~Barbi xoxo


Photography:  Amanda Lee Photo


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