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December 28, 2018

By Christina Najjar |

A Midwestern girl living in New York City, Rachel Katzman is a tastemaker who lives and breathes all things beauty, fitness, wellness, fashion, and travel. Her life-long love of beauty, which began by dying her hair in the 4th grade, isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life.


Always experimenting with the latest beauty products and treatments, Rachel had a breakthrough experience that sparked a major beauty discovery. After a playful dousing of Champagne on her 21st birthday, at the end of the evening, Rachel realized her hair had in fact never looked or felt better. Rather than just snap a selfie and chalk it up to luck, Rachel’s tenacity and natural curiosity kicked in and she spent the next three years researching ways to bottle Champagne as a hair treatment—all while mixing products and ingredients in her own bathroom. Driven by her entrepreneurial instincts, Rachel partnered with a lab, and, in 2016 turned her obsession with bubbly into Cuvée Beauty.The New York-based hair care brand is a state-of-the-art Champagne and skin-care grade-infused product line designed for low-maintenance, high-style living. Rachel’s mission is to transform hair everywhere with the most efficacious ingredients—and empower women with the confidence that goes along with it. Given her knack for living well and having fun—and yes, enjoying champagne—who better to guide you through New Year’s Eve than the queen of bubbles herself. Read on for Rachel’s best New Year’s Eve tips…

Fuel Up!

"Eat before you go out! NYE is usually full of lots of drinks, dancing, music, and less about the food. Going out on an empty stomach can make that second drink feel like your sixth and leave you waking up with the most brutal hangover that not even two Advil and an infrared sauna can fix. Make yourself a light snack before you head out. My go to would be a simple green salad with avocado and protein. Something that won’t leave me feeling overly full or bloated, but incorporating the avocado will give us fiber (leaving us feeling full for longer), & healthy fats to give us the energy we need to take on the night."


Champagne Everywhere

"Champs in your glass and in your hair. Nothing says NYE like a bottle of bubbly, but now you can take it a step further by using Cuvée's Champagne Spray. A texturizing spray that will give your hair the perfect beachy tousled look—think “I woke up like this”in a matter of a few spritz. Formulated without salt, it won’t leave your hair crunchy, stiff, or hard, so you’ll be sure your hair will be shiny, full of volume and movement all night long, ready for that perfect midnight selfie."

Shoes Matter

"Pick the right shoes! NYE is the night for sequins and tight mini dresses, accompanied by the highest of heels. Or at least that's how it was back in the day for me. Nothing puts a damper on the night than your feet throbbing and unable to dance freely and have fun pain-free—not to mention the morning after swelling. Nobody will be looking at your shoes, so opt for comfort this NYE—go for the silk pajama look with sneakers and be the last one to leave the party."


Get That Glow

"Bring out the shimmer, and not just for your eyes. Cuvée Beauty’s newly launched Hair & Body Glow is a super moisturizing dry-oil with a champagne color sheen, and not to mention the most intoxicating scent. Spray into the palms of your hands and run throughout hair to tame frizz and add shine, and/or rub on your body for an instant hydration. Let Cuvée’s fragrance and shine do all the work."


"Morning After: we can hydrate all we want in between cocktails, but sometimes the energy of the night takes hold and we wake up with the most awful hangover. It’s super important to put all those vital nutrients back into our body that we lost, and I am loving WelleCo’s nourishing protein powder. It doesn’t have a chalky taste and is full of pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, proteins, and essential amino acids. All to help with a speedy recovery and bring our body back to life. Mix with some frozen berries, spinach and water, and you’ll be feeling recharged in no time."

To learn more visit cuvéebeauty.com

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