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How And Why Beauty Brands Are Utilizing Pinterest To Reach Consumers

November 17, 2021

With Apple’s iOS 14 update impacting the effectiveness of digital advertising, beauty brands are rethinking their strategies for connecting with consumers. Many are testing Pinterest to avoid the pitfalls of other platforms. To find out more about brands’ experiences with the discovery engine, for our ongoing series posing questions relevant to the indie beauty business, we asked 23 founders, marketing experts and executives at beauty companies: What are you doing on Pinterest, and what results are you seeing from it?



President, Cuvée Beauty

Pinterest continues to be a way for consumers to discover and interact with new brands, and we couldn’t wait to engage with their audience. Unlike other social media platforms, the highly engaging aspect of pinning and community building has been exciting and an unexpected driver to our site.

It is really important for us to maintain our brand voice and aesthetic across all our social channels, and Pinterest has been no different. Our organic pins represent our low maintenance luxury branding that has been at the forefront to our success. For Pinterest, we really focus on how-to videos and UGC content to give our customers the tools to use our products and create these low maintenance looks at home.

We have a very active following on Pinterest and continue to create content that engages with our audience time and time again. Our Shop Tab link has proved enormously successful, and Pinterest continues to be one of the highest traffic drivers to our site.