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How to pack the beauty bag for your hand luggage

September 14, 2017

Counting down the days yet? We can’t wait! Our vacations are getting closer, and it’s about time we started packing. Whether you’re going to spend time in the mountains, on the seaside, or in the city, if you’re the kind of person who travels light there’s a very important discussion we need to have: how to pack your beauty bag for your hand luggage. Considering how strict controls are in airports, it’s not easy to fit everything you need in containers of no more than 100 ml (3.4 ounces), up to a total of 1 liter! If you are as much of a beauty addict as I am, it’s totally traumatic to have to leave your stuff home. Fortunately, travelling as often as I do I got sort of used to it, so it doesn’t pain me as much to be separated from my beloved big bottles of beauty products. Here’s some advice you should follow – you won’t regret it!
Firstly, you need to get your hands on a set of travel-sized bottles and a transparent plastic bag. This will come in handy for those must-have products without which a beauty routine can’t even be conceived. In my case, that means serum and tonic to apply in the evening; they’re hard to find in small bottles for sale, so your best option is to pour them from your big bottles into the travel-sized ones.
As for the rest, be flexible. You can do this two ways: you can either change the typology of product you use, or experiment. By browsing the shelves of your beauty store, you’ll find plenty of products in solid and dry form, from perfume powders to stick foundation; they’ll make your life easier with minimum effort (I do not recommend trying to move foundation from one container to another – I tried and it did not end well).
If you want to experiment something new for your beauty routine, then there is not better time, needless to say. Grab some samples you have lying around the house and throw them into your beauty bag: disposable products will make your bags even lighter on the way back, since you’ll just use them and throw them away while on vacation – making room for souvenirs to take back home!
Any other tips? Share them in the comments! Scroll down to the gallery for some consumer advice 😉 Bon voyage!

This article was originally published on TheBlondeSalad.com.