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The 21 Best Deep Conditioners Your Hair Needs Right Now

April 21, 2022

Whether you have curls, coils, waves, or pin-straight hair, we all have one thing in common: No matter your hair type, you’re probably putting it through the wringer. Thanks to heat tools, ponytails, you name it—damage, split ends, and breakage seem to be around every corner. But that’s where deep conditioners come in. “Deep conditioning treatments are great for adding hydration to dull-looking hair to give a softer, shiner look,” says hairstylist and co-founder of dpHUE Justin Anderson.


The key to finding the right treatment for your hair type is feeding your hair exactly what they need in that moment (it’s encouraged to switch up your deep conditioners often, even seasonally). “If you want to transform your hair from dry to soft, choose a deep conditioner that adds hydration,” says Guy Tang, hair colorist and founder of #mydentity. “If your color is fading faster than normal, look for a treatment that extends the longevity of your color.”


There’s no need to double up with a regular conditioner during the same wash (they act in similar ways). Instead, experts recommend swapping it for a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. After you wash, don’t hesitate to incorporate a hair oil to amplify or prolong a deep conditioning treatment. “Hair oil is fantastic for adding a bit of extra hydration to ends, but I will add a drop into my deep conditioning treatment, especially during the summer when my hair is feeling extra dry from being out in the sun,” says Anderson. These supercharged versions of your everyday conditioner heal hair, so you can keep on styling it however you please (mega-tight top knot included). 


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