What is Cuvée?

*A French term referring to a blend of the best of the batch, first pressed grapes used to make a high quality, prestige blend of champagne.

Our story is a personal one. CUVEE Founder & CEO Rachel Katzman went to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday and was unexpectedly doused in champagne. Twenty-one bottles later, Rachel realized that her hair looked BETTER drenched in champagne than it had when it was professionally styled. She became obsessed with how soft, shiny, and textured the champagne left her hair and realized this accidental discovery must be bottled. She kept testing her theory—spraying and styling with champagne. VOILÁ! The result was the same – all tousle, no frizz – the most perfect hair waves without any effort.Rachel dedicated herself to finding the right team to formulate the exact concoction that would leave hair looking flawless and healthy. Combining only top-of-the-line ingredients, the CUVEE COMPLEX™ was born. It is a carefully crafted blend of: Champagne Extracts for soft, shiny hair that provides antioxidant properties to guard against damage from pollution. White Truffle Extracts add moisture. Platinum Extracts detoxifies the hair and scalp. Plant proteins nourish and protect from UV Rays. Resveratrol slows down the process of hair loss. Ceramides help repair hair fibers resulting in stronger, thicker, more resilient hair.

Rachel made sure to put as much care into developing a fragrance that would be so captivating, it would create a seductive experience. This unique scent combines notes of champagne and fig, formulated in Grasse, France — the fragrance capitol of the world.

Everything has been meticulously developed to create a line of products unlike any other. Indulge in this unique haircare experience. Follow her at www.rkatzman.com