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GoBalm Conditioner


Good For

Color-safe with NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, and NO Animal Testing.

What It Is

The first-ever water-less conditioner in a balm form. Designed to take-it-with-you, this TSA-approved Conditioner starts out as a balm and once water is added, turns to a light, creamy luxury hair conditioner. Formulated with over 50% natural oils including Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil as well as Shea Butter, Cuvée Beauty GoBalm™ Solid-to-Liquid Conditioner develops a gentle creamy lather that hydrates and moisturizes scalp and strands, and helps fortify and protect hair. For strength, softness, and shine, every time you condition. For your gym bag, weekend travel and of course for your shower. Anytime, anywhere conditioning. Clean and cruelty-free.

Who It’s For

Everyone — all hair types, textures, concerns, and genders. High- performance skincare ingredients including resveratrol, ceramides, and platinum extracts help support healthy scalps and strands regardless of hair type. Safe for color- and chemically-treated hair. Clean and cruelty-free.

How To Use

To be used in the shower or on wet hair only. Start near the roots, apply balm directly onto hair, rolling it all the way down the hair shaft, be sure to apply underneath strands as well. Massage in to develop a light creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly. Best results when used with Cuvée Beauty GoBalm™ Shampoo.


We believe in clean &

responsible beauty.

Our very own blend of skincare-grade ingredients including ceramides, resveratrol, truffle
extracts, platinum extracts and pea proteins, work to promote scalp and hair health.
Champagne Extracts including Grapeseed Extract Known to encourage hair growth, restore
strength and shine.

Exclusive Cuvée Complex™

Our very own blend of skincare-grade ingredients including ceramides, resveratrol, truffle extracts, platinum extracts and pea proteins, work to promote scalp and hair health.

A combination of natural oils make up over 50% of formula. Coconut Oil

Imparts shine and luster; provides excellent hydration to hair and scalp; helps retain moisture and leaves it feeling conditioned longer; reduces frizz

Castor Seed Oil

Enriches scalp by increasing blood circulation to hair follicles. Protects against hair loss.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Provides incredible non-greasy texture; provides intense hydration and conditioning for smoother, softer hair; helps seal moisture in hair cuticle; provides shine and manageability; rich in antioxidants.

Avocado Oil

Makes hair smooth, healthy and shiny; provides protection against UV rays; eco-friendly avocado sourcing

Argan Oil

Hydrates and softens. Contains high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E naturally help increase hair's elasticity; and restores shine to dull, lifeless hair

Shea Butter

Helps repair and protect from weather damage, dryness, brittleness. Absorbs quickly into scalp to rehydrate without clogging hair follicles.
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Frequently asked questions

Are Cuvée products safe to use if I have chemically treated hair or color my hair?

Yes, all Cuvée products are safe to use on color treated or chemically treated hair. In fact, using Cuvée products will help restore and improve the condition of chemically altered hair.

Are Cuvée products free of Sulfates, Parabens and Phthalates?

Yes, all Cuvée products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free. We have formulated without these ingregients in order to go above and beyond the industry standards. Our products are designed to the highest level of performance, efficacy and luxury.

Are Cuvée products tested on animals?

Absolutely NONE of our products or ingredients are tested on animals - EVER! Cuvée Beauty is a cruelty-free, vegan company.

Where are Cuvée products made?

Our products are made in the United States of America. However, our premium grade, high efficacy ingredients are sourced from around the world. Cuvée products are tested by professional hairdressers.

Can I layer my Cuvée products on top of each other?

Our products are meant to be used together. Layering and combining products will only enhance results and help better achieve desired look and results.

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