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August 09, 2017

You might call us weird here at Cuvée…we actually like being in the office, even in the summer. Because it gives us more time to cook up great hair products for you.

But, when we’re not helping spread the haircare love, we have a few spots where we like to retreat. Check out our favorite vacation destinations for some summer travel inspo!


Great for a quick getaway on a summer weekend. We love the laidback, easy vibes and will never say no to The Surf Lodge.

Cape Cod

Our favorite way to relax. The white wine, lobster and fish don’t hurt, and it’s a perfect excuse to ride a bike.


Our founder Rachel makes (at least) one trip to the island every year, specifically for the music and DJs. Best part? It’s never too stuffy or fancy.

Mykonos and Santorini

Who can turn down the Greek Islands? Gorgeous blue water, beautiful music, the chance to go island hopping…we’re already daydreaming about it.

So pack your Cuvée Travel Kits and enjoy your summer getaways, Cuvée girls and guys!