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Cuvée x Cashmere: Beginner’s Guide to Clip-In Extensions

January 15, 2021

Whether you’re still growing out your summer haircut or just want the appearance of longer, thicker hair, you may have considered trying extensions before. We’re here to share our new obsession with Cashmere Hair’s clip-in hair extensions and why they’re the healthiest option for fuller, cashmere-soft hair.

So what are they?

So what are clip-in extensions? Clip-in extensions are an easier, healthier alternative to permanent extensions like tape-in or tie-in extensions. Hair is attached to a fabric or silicone weft, and tiny clips are then attached to the wefts that gently attach each extension piece into your hair. Cashmere hair clips are uniquely designed to stay put while avoiding the damage that other brands of hair clips/extensions can cause. Plus, the hair is made from 100% human hair, making it less susceptible to wear and tear. 

The quality of Cashmere Hair’s 100% Remy Human Hair is unmatched due to its silky texture, natural appearance, and benefits to your hair health! After 2-3 weeks of wear, non-Remy hair will tangle and matte causing possible damage and friction between the strands. Cashmere Hair extensions are laboratory tested and certified to ensure the highest quality of 100% Cuticle human hair available. With Remy hair extensions, the follicles are all going in a single direction leaving a completely natural appearance. In addition, they are collected in a method that preserves the natural direction and alignment of the hair.

Best Clip-In Extension Practices

How to Choose: 7-Piece vs. One-Piece Extensions

Tips Before Starting
  • Open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair.
  • CASHMERE HAIR® Clip in Hair Extensions should be attached from the bottom up.
  • For a clean and straight part use a tail comb when creating a part where you wish to section off the hair.
  • You can choose to place Cashmere Hair Extensions in any way that you see fit for your needs.

For more information, watch this tutorial on 5 Tips for Clipping In Extensions:

Do’s and Don’ts of Clip-In Extensions

DO: use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner DON’T: use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. This will immediately strip the hair of moisture and turn it brittle and dry. Yuck!

DO: Trim the hair lightly when you notice the ends getting dry or at sign of any breakage. This will allow the ends to remain healthy and strong!

DON’T: use hair oil prior to heat styling. Oil literally fries the hair! (caveat: there are a few oils that are specially formulated to use with heat. Always, always, always double-check!)

DO: Get a new set of extensions every 6-8 months, depending on how often you wear them & how well you take care of them.

DON’T: Use common hair products such as hairspray and texturizers on the extensions. These products are typically alcohol based, and will be incredibly drying to your clip-in hair extensions! The bonus with extensions is that they hold styling extremely well – you won’t even miss your styling products.

What We Think

After reading many positive reviews on Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions and discovering that they can be styled, we couldn’t wait to try them out with some products of our own. When they came in the mail, we couldn’t believe how natural they looked and felt! Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions can be used with heat tools, so we thought we'd style our hair using Cuvée Beauty's Protective Treatment and Styling Balm. 

Protective Treatment: An everyday primer for heat and UV protection. Strengthens, detangles, and tames frizz.

Styling Balm: Our light and creamy styling balm helps you create your own style, providing volume and a non-stiff hold that lasts all day.

 Okay sooo these extensions feel SO SILKY AND SOFT. We were able to style with ease, and the extensions held the curls so well without falling throughout the day. We were nervous about washing the product out of the extensions afterwards, but with the right technique our pieces were as good as new.

Watch a full Classic Curl Tutorial using CASHMERE HAIR® and Cuvée Beauty products: 


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