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Champagne School 101

January 04, 2021

So, Why Champagne?
After experiencing her own hair transformation through an accidental spritzing of real Champagne, Cuvée Founder Rachel Katzman turned this centuries-old remedy into a modern hair-saving solution – designed for all hair, on every woman.

Champagne has been used as a “secret beauty ingredient” among celebrities for its anti-aging benefits. The grapeseed extracts found in the Champagne are filled with antioxidants shown to be up to 50 times more powerful than Vitamins C + E. They help maintain skin health (like on your scalp) and promote hair growth while restoring the strength and shine of the follicle. Add this together and you get stronger, thicker, healthier hair. Plus, less breakage and split ends—because who wants that?

It’s no wonder why Champagne is one of the main ingredients in our Cuvée Complex™. Ahead, dive into the details on what makes it so revolutionary in all our products.

Lesson 1: Champagne & Grapeseed Extracts
Let’s talk extracts: Cuvée is the first beauty company to hold a certificate of origin from this region in France, where the grapes harvested are the richest and most nutrient-dense. 

Grapeseed extracts in the Champagne promote softness, shine, and empower hair with damage-fighting antioxidants. They also help neutralize free radicals to keep hair healthy and strong through pollution, UV rays, and everything else happening around us. 

Lesson 2: Truffle Extracts
White and Black Truffle Extract may sound super fancy—and they are, cause they’re rare! They are packed with Vitamin E—an anti-inflammatory that helps protect against UV rays, and make hair hydrated and manageable.

And if your locks are feeling a bit dull, these extracts will help reduce frizz and put the va va voom back in your hair.

Lesson 3: Platinum
With Cuvée, you simply can’t deny the shine. That’s thanks to our nanoparticles of Platinum, derived from a rare metal and infused into every product.

Best known for its lustrous, glossy quality, platinum helps detoxify the scalp to help nourish healthy hair at the roots. With each use, you’ll infuse strength into the follicle, letting hair grow faster and feel softer. 

Lesson 4: Resveratrol
When you pour yourself a glass of red wine, you’re not only letting yourself unwind—you’re helping your hair become stronger, too...well kinda.

Resveratrol, the property found in the skin of grapes, works to slow the process of hair loss and fight free-radical damage. Resveratrol promotes blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in healthier, faster, and longer growing hair. 

Lesson 5: Pea Protein
Our hair needs protein to function. In every Cuvée bottle, you’ll find pea protein which helps hair stay hydrated and thus reduce breakage.

By slowing down water loss, this plant-based protein leaves hair with a smooth and shiny finish. Think of it as a damage-fighting, hydrating superhero that’ll leave you with hair that’s strong, voluminous, and ready for the day ahead.

Lesson 6: Hair Ceramides
Ready to armor up? Ceramides are the protective barriers that work hard to prevent and repair breakage. They’re the glue that holds your hair together, keeping each strand strong at the root and hydrated and nourished to the end.

Since we’re exposed to ‘lots of environmental elements throughout the day, our hair is prone to extra breakage. Our Cuvée Complex™ helps replenish any lost ceramides, giving it better elasticity and manageability in the long run.

Now that you know the ins and out of our Cuvée Complex™ it's time to put these lessons into action and really care for your hair.