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Don’t Believe the Hype: 4 Hair Myths to Ditch for Good

October 14, 2019
Whether you’re running to the salon on repeat for regular trims so your hair will grow faster or you’re spending an extra hour a day brushing every last strand for more lustrous locks, chances are you’re subscribing to some kind of urban legend about your hair. Where these wives tales originated is anyone’s guess, but somehow they’ve managed to become popular opinion when there’s no truth to most of them whatsoever. Here, we’ve separated fact from fiction once and for all so that you can treat the root of the problem with science rather than imagination.
Myth #1: Giving your hair regular trims makes it grow faster
How many times have you heard the old adage that trimming your hair every six-to-eight weeks will help it grow faster? While in theory this would be a brilliant (yet pricey) solution, unfortunately, there’s no merit to this claim at all. Hair growth is controlled by the follicles, which are located on the scalp—not the ends. The only thing a trim can do, however, is give your hair a refresh and voluminous boost, since frayed ends and breakage tend to thin it out. What is fact, according to scientists, is that hair generally grows an average of a quarter-inch every month. And taking better care of it with the right regimen will create healthier, shinier, and fuller hair all around. 
Myth #2: Using a shampoo that lathers makes your hair cleaner
Scrubbing your scalp with a product that generates tons of bubbles might seem like you’re giving your hair a deep clean, but the reality is, lathering up with suds can do more harm than good. Sulfates, the foaming agent added to most shampoos, generate bubbles because they’re often formulated with harsh detergents, which can strip away your hair’s nutrients and natural oils—and fade color-treated hair. For the healthiest scalp and strands, use a sulfate-free shampoo like Cuvée Shampoo combined with our new Sugar Scalp Scrub to give your scalp the TLC it deserves. Infused with our signature Cuvée Complex, a blend of Champagne and skincare-grade ingredients, as well as Vitamin B and panthenol, which nourish and protect from roots to ends, the formula gently cleanses without stripping essential oils or color, so your hair feels stronger and softer, and looks shiny and refreshed after Every. Single. Wash.
Myth #3: Brushing your hair more frequently makes it healthier 
While Rapunzel may have tended to her tresses every hour on the hour to keep those locks glistening, some fairytales are best kept to books. Excessively brushing your hair can actually cause harm to the cuticle, the outer protective layer, by creating friction, which can lead to breakage. And instead of adding more shine, you could end up with dull, lackluster strands. So give your forearm a break and only brush it when you need to. Instead, add a few drops of Cuvée Essential Booster to your conditioner for a nourishing dose of strength, softness, and shine. The lightweight serum is loaded with a high concentration of our signature Cuvée Complex of skincare-grade ingredients to strengthen and moisturize, as well as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and Vitamin B5, which boost hydration. Soft, shiny, voluminous locks delivered.
Myth #4: Applying oil to your hair makes it greasy 
Often, people shy away from using hair oils for fear they’ll cause greasy strands, when in fact, oils add hydration, shine, and a lustrous boost. Instead of just sitting on the surface of your hair, oils can penetrate the shaft making your strands healthier. Try Cuvée Hair and Body Glow. Enriched with effective skincare ingredients including resveratrol, ceramides, and platinum extracts, the lightweight, fast-drying spray infuses both your hair and your skin with moisture. Use a few pumps throughout your strands, concentrating on the mid-shaft to the ends. Then apply a generous amount over your skin for a gorgeous glow from head to toe.