⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ This product is like BOTOX™ for your hair. – Catherine M.


Our proprietary Cuvée Complex™, your hair’s best friend

March 16, 2017

Before we talk hair, let’s talk makeup. We all know that when your skin looks great, your makeup looks great. Makeup just glows when you apply it on top of healthy, smooth, dewy skin. Same principle applies for your hair.

It’s not as sexy to talk about your scalp as your skincare, but a healthy scalp is really where amazing hair begins. Our founder Rachel Katzman calls it your foundation for gorgeous hair. Hair that plays nicely when you style it.

Although so many women obsess over their skincare, how many of us are really thinking about the ingredients we put on our “foundation”?

Working with Cuvée’s lab, Rachel created a line that puts foundation health first. Only the best, small-batch ingredients to bring out your hair’s true potential.

The secret behind the line is our signature Cuvée Complex™ — a super-concentrated, super-luxe formula that infuses every product and also gets the spotlight in our Première Treatment.

It puts champagne first, and rounds it out with a curated blend of premium extracts, including some ingredients usually reserved for skincare. Here’s what makes the Complex™ so special.

  • Champagne Extracts: A happy accident with champagne is the reason Rachel started Cuvée in the first place. Champagne Extracts to give softness and shine. Bonus: antioxidant protection because pollution damage is the worst.
White Truffle Extracts: Every girl needs truffles. Even for her hair. White Truffle Extracts are the key for boosting moisture.
    Platinum Extracts: Platinum…good for jewelry, good for hair too. These extracts help detoxify the hair and the scalp, the foundation for your locks.
      Plant proteins: Carefully chosen botanicals help nourish the hair and protect it from the sun.
        Resveratrol: An amazing antioxidant…and naturally found in champagne. It’s great in skincare for its anti-aging powers, but it also helps slow down hair loss.
          • Ceramides: Another skincare favorite here. Ceramides help repair hair fibers, for stronger, thicker, more resilient hair.

          Here at Cuvée, we want to give your hair life…and our Complex™ is the best thing to do that. Glamorous and good-for-you ingredients. A little extra love for your foundation. And plenty of good hair days ahead.