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March 08, 2018

Runway hair can often be as unapproachable as runway fashion—and best left on the catwalk. But not this season. The Spring 2018 shows were like a breath of fresh hair. From effortless waves to boho braids, the six styles we’re loving most are almost as easy to craft as it is to roll out of bed. We chatted with hairstylist Kristina Maccaro, owner of LoveLane Salon for tips on how to recreate each look in the comfort of home. No glam squad required. Praise.

Polished & Pretty
At first glance, the hair at Carolina Herrera seemed your standard polished blowout—but with a twist, or rather, a curve to be exact. Rounded ends are the next-level trick to adding volume and va-va voom that feels so much fresher than stick straight styles that fall flat.

Photo Source: PopSugar UK/Getty Images

To get the look:

  1. On towel-dried hair, apply Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm evenly from root to tip to tame frizz and add hold without weighing hair down. To get that lift at the crown, work in a volumizing mousse like Drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse just at the top of your head. 
  1. Blow dry with a boar bristle round brush, lifting hair at the crown to add volume and encouraging ends to curl under.
  1. Create a center part and tuck hair behind your ears. 
  1. Finish with a pea-sized amount of Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm. Smooth it on both sides of your part to tame flyaways and polish the look.

Kristina’s top tip: “If you want the style to be more secure, take 2-inch sections from both sides off the hairline, pull them tightly back towards the nape of your neck, and pin by crisscrossing bobby pins behind the ears.”

Wrap Star
The grownup version of a ponytail, scarf-swathed lengths at Lanvin were chic enough to give yourself an instant upgrade for day or sport to a swanky nighttime soirée—even if you just rolled out of bed.   

Photo Source: Getty Images 

To get the look:

  1. Part dry, straight hair down the center and secure a low ponytail with a rubber band at the nape of your neck.
  1. Take your favorite silk scarf or bandana and wrap it down the length of the ponytail, securing it with bobby pins on the underside. Leave the ends free. 
  1. Use a pea-sized amount of Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm, smoothing it on either side of the part and along the ends of the ponytail, to tame flyaways and keep the hair looking controlled and polished. 

Urban Waves
Not your run-of-the-mill wand creation and not quite bedhead either, the look at Gucci was the kind of effortlessly imperfect bends that are more like the city version of beachy waves.

Photo Source: Getty Images

To get the look:

  1. On air-dried or next-day hair, take random 1-inch sections, starting from the undermost layer, and wrap around a 1-inch barrel curling Iron.
  1. To encourage a piece-y tousle, spray hair with Cuvée Beauty Champagne Spray, gently raking fingers through to soften.
  1. For extra texture and definition at the ends of the hair, sparingly apply a pomade, such as Redken Rewind 06 Styling Paste, just to ends.

Kristina’s top tip: “Be sure to alternate the direction of the wand—some pieces should curl toward the face and some away from the face. This will help achieve a more lived-in, undone look.”  

Chic Sweep
The style at Victoria Beckham was basically the #goals iteration of the go-to for every girl whose on-the-run. But only Victoria could make the most haphazard hair couture-worthy—and now, so can you.      

Photo Source: Allure.com 

To get the look:

  1. Start by applying Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm to towel-dried hair and blow dry with your fingers to achieve a controlled-but-tousled texture.
  1. Spray a dry oil, like Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine, onto a flat brush to control flyaways. Brush through hair.
  1. Pull a section of hair back tightly from either side of the face and secure into a ponytail with an elastic band, fastening a loop by not pulling hair all the way through the elastic.
  1. Set with a lightweight finishing hairspray like L'Oréal Elnett.

Beachy Boho
The perfect blend of surf girl meets musical festival breeziness, Jill Stuart’s models had our free-spirited hearts aflutter. The lived-in look not only comes with cool-girl waves, but it also has second-day under braids for the win.

Photo Source: Getty Images

To get the look:

  1. On damp hair, use a texturizing product like Cuvée Beauty Volumizing Mist from root to tip and rough-dry using your fingers to achieve a windswept texture. 
  1. Take 1-to-3-inch sections of hair from underneath layers and braid, securing with small rubber bands.
  1. Wrap random sections of hair around a 1 ¼-inch or 2-inch barrel curling iron, varying the direction for a more natural look. Tousle to break up waves and encourage texture.

Kristina’s top tip: “Gently pull apart the braids to create a more lived-in look.”

Next-Day Braids

Ports 1961 was all about braids for days—literally. The deconstructed look felt like it was slept-in and post-workout thanks to its imperfectness, which is just the kind of braid we can get onboard with.

Photo Source: Getty Images

To get the look:

  1. On towel-dried or unwashed hair, use a pea-sized amount of R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste and massage into the roots for extra volume and texture at the crown.
  1. Secure hair in a low ponytail with an elastic band, and loosely braid along the length, securing with a rubber band.
  1. Gently pull apart the braid to create a more lived-in effect.