⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ This product is like BOTOX™ for your hair. – Catherine M.


THIS Is How You Can Break Up With Your Hot Tools For Summer

June 20, 2019

Summer may be the season of lazy beach days and carefree nights, but when it comes to your hair, the steamy temps can induce some major angst. Fighting the weather's effects on your tresses is a MAJOR battle that only becomes worse when you try to use your hot tools (Think: breakage, dryness, split ends, damage). In a recent study, we found that more than half of the respondents hate the process of blow drying their hair. Ironically, 32 percent said they blow dry to get rid of frizz and flyaways, which in the hot weather months only ends up making hair even frizzier!

Well, we’re about to drop something BIG that will not only fix all your summer hair woes but also give you the reason to ditch your blow dryer, flat iron, and curling wand - plus all their drama! Let’s face it, you and appliances won’t exactly be happy together when the humidity gets between you.

*Cue drumroll*

Meet Air Dry Mist—the hottest, newest product from Cuvée for the sexiest strands imaginable. The latest launch in our cruelty-free brand lineup is a first of its kind crème-to-mist formula that lets you air dry your hair naturally in the best and beachiest way possible. It imparts instant hydration and puts a hold on your natural texture, keeping it bombshell from daytime to date time. It’s also loaded with our signature Cuvée Complex™ a potent blend of skincare-grade ingredients, champagne, and truffle extracts, as well as Vitamin B5, which infuses long-lasting moisture, increased strength and flexibility, reducing breakage, creating longer shiner hair. 

The effortlessness of Air Dry Mist is what makes it SO good. You simply spray it on damp hair and GO! Literally. You’ll have So. Much. More. Time for things like self-care activities (masking, anyone?). Our study showed that 70% of respondents spend anywhere from 5-to-20 minutes blow drying their hair each time. Just imagine the hours you could be reclaiming poolside with a frozen piña colada in hand. 

Champagne-Infused Air Dry Mist | Cuvée Beauty

Here’s how to use Air Dry Mist:

Step 1
Starting with towel-dried hair, spray 2-3 pumps (or more, depending on hair length) of Air Dry Mist into your hands and rub together to best activate the product.

Step 2
Gently distribute Air Dry Mist through your hair, starting ~1 inch from the roots and working down to the ends.

Step 3
Flip your head over to apply evenly to the hair underneath.

Use the Air Dry Mist straight out of the shower, before bedtime, at the beach, or throughout the day as a style refresher. Anytime, anywhere.

For best results:
🍾 Spray Air Dry Mist into your hands first so you can gauge how much you’ll need for your locks.
🍾 Don’t brush your hair after applying the mist.
🍾 Thick and curly-haired girls should use more mist than your finer-haired friends. You’ll need a bit more product to hydrate and de-frizz.