⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ This product is like BOTOX™ for your hair. – Catherine M.


Water-Conscious Beauty

March 15, 2021

Water-Conscious Beauty

For years the beauty industry (us included!) has made waves of changes to the ways we create, package, and sell products in an effort to be more sustainably-minded-and-produced. While we have all come a long way there is more work to do in the immediate and over the long-term. 

One immediate action Cuvée Beauty discovered could be taken was to be water-conscious and create a new way to wash and condition with the signature Cuvée Complex. That’s why we  introduced the Cuvée Beauty GoBalm Shampoo and GoBalm Conditioner to our lineup of high-performance hair products.


Did you know that haircare products can contain up to 80% water?

The Cuvée Beauty GoBalm Shampoo is made with 65% Less Water than our traditional shampoo and our GoBalm Conditioner contains NO Water. You read that right, ZERO WATER ADDED. It may be a small step, but many small steps add up to big change and impact - water-conscious haircare can help get us there. There are numerous benefits to Cuvée water-conscious beauty like:

  • Products last longer = less products to buy
  • Helps saves Earth’s most valuable resource: Water
  • Helps reduce the beauty industry’s and Cuvée Beauty’s water consumption
  • A smell good, luxurious experience that’s better for the environment

Plus, only one set is needed! We are still in a pandemic, so travel may be limited for most, but when the day comes that travel is back to normal, you still only need one set.

We may have ditched the water for the GoBalm Shampoo and Conditioner but our quality remained. With our signature Cuvée Complex and skincare-grade ingredients like resveratrol, ceramides, and platinum extracts, the GoBalm Shampoo and GoBalm Conditioner always:

  • Gently cleanses hair and scalp
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Fortifies and protects from heat damage


Our Cuvée Complex™ is not about buzzy claims or big-time science terms, so here’s a basic breakdown of all the goodness packed inside:

CERAMIDES: This protective ingredient strengthens hair fibers, safeguards against daily chemical and UV damage by reinforcing the protective lipid layer, and diminishes frizz for thicker, more resilient hair.  

PEA PROTEIN: These extracts fight breakage by binding to dry hair and increasing moisture and elasticity from within, leaving strands smooth and shiny while keeping color vibrant.  

PLATINUM EXTRACT: Colloidal platinum promotes hair health and detoxification while increasing shine. It encourages cell turnover, which regenerates cells to replace the damaged ones caused by heat damage and daily wear and tear.

RESVERATROL: A powerful antioxidant found in red wine, resveratrol is an antioxidant that protects hair from damage while stimulating cells for stronger hair and scalp.

WHITE TRUFFLE EXTRACT: A luxury oil extracted from white truffle mushrooms, it restores moisture balance to hair and scalp. It also has high amounts of Vitamin B, which is necessary for cell health.

The proof is in our products.
Clinical tests have shown that hair is 2x stronger, 4x smoother, and had 50% less breakage after using our shampoo and conditioning system.

Want to see our GoBalms in action?

Check out the 101 here or a full Cuvée routine here.