NOVEMBER 1, 2017 @ 4:15 PM


Half-up half-down hairstyles: It’s the far-too-often ignored genre that has the potential to completely transform your look. By giving you the best of both worlds, you can keep your hair down, which is a bonus for anyone who considers it their security blanket, while keeping stray strands out of your face. What's better, it works for bobs, lobs, and longer lengths. Pixies can even get in on the action if bobby pins and ponytails are put into play.

From Zendaya-approved beauty moments to one of Kate Mara's best red carpet 'dos, we rounded up a few classic half-up half-down looks that'll never go out of style.


    • 1. ZENDAYA

      The half-up ponytail is the hairstyle of the moment, seen on everyone from Zendaya to Rihanna to Bella Hadid. To get a look similar to Zendaya, after blow-drying, add in soft waves using a curling iron like Drybar’s The Wrap Party Curling & Styling Wand ($165; and then separate your hair into two sections—a smaller one that will be pulled into a pony and a thicker section that will be left down. Secure the top section at the crown of your head and wrap a tiny piece of hair around the base to hide your hair band.


      Sleek and straight but voluminous all at the same time. To get the height at the crown of your head like Emilia Clarke, gently tease the back section of your hair, before pinning it back. A product like OUAI Finishing Crème ($24; applied conservatively on the front section of hair will keep everything in place and prevent fly-aways.


      Sections of the Duchess of Cambridge's smooth and shiny hair were twisted and pinned back in a knot, keeping her hair out of the way of her fascinator. To get a similar look, add in a dollop of Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème ($68; to damp hair to for a thickening effect that also boosts shine and makes your hair feel soft to the touch.

    • 4. BELLA HADID

      The half-up pony can work for bob and lob-length hair, too. Case in point: The bouncy look that celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin created for Bella Hadid. 


      To channel Millie Bobby Brown, section off an extreme side part and create a braid along one side of your head. You'll need a setting spray to keep the larger section of hair from falling over and hiding your plait—we suggest Dove Extra Hold Hairspray ($5;, a drugstore option that pulls through every single time.


      For a similar look to Julianne Hough, you'll want to add in texture and volume to damp hair while blow-drying using a product like Cuvee Beauty Volumzing Mist ($45; Create a center part in the front section of your hair and pin the strands back into place. Before securing the pins, push up on the hair on the back of the head to create a lifted effect. Once you have a little volume, you can go ahead and secure your bobby pins.

    • 7. ROONEY MARA

      The Mara sisters always have impeccable hair. This ponytail courtesy of Rooney Mara is technically half-up, since the pony is only pulled halfway through and the lengths of her hair rest on the nape of her neck.

    • 8. KATE MARA

      The half-knot is a Hollywood favorite, instantly making any outfit look a little bit edgier. Kate Mara is a proud adopter, pulling her face-framing honey-highlighted brunette strands into a messy coiled bun fastened at the crown of her head and leaving the rest of her hair down with a subtle bend.