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Indie Beauty Expo: Bigger & Better

August 08, 2017

Expo that celebrates independent beauty brands returns next month to New York City, the city where it all began.

HAPPI: Can you share some the brands that have you most excited and why?

WRIGHT:  I am an indie beauty junkie.  There is something about this space that is so interesting, that it is easy for me to get excited.  There are several that I love and can’t wait to meet in person, but here are a few that I’m keeping my eye on.  The Handmade Soap Company from Ireland, Winners Beard Company started by an ex-pro baseball player and Marine, Perfect Ten Custom Nails.  Jessica Harris, flying in from Australia, who is a nail artist.  She does custom press on nails that are a work of art.  We are thrilled to have her.  She will be taking orders for custom sets at the NY show!   Red Earth, another brand from Australia is geared towards the millennial with it funned flirtatious branding. Olio di Allesandro a brand who’s packing is collectable.  The caps are made from Carrarra Marble and are collectable. 2nd Ground Skincare a coffee up cycling company made in Brooklyn. Cuvee Beauty is another brand to watch.  It’s a haircare company founded by Rachel Katzman that used champagne in their formulas.  The founder went to a party in Vegas for her 21st birthday and was doused in champagne.  She loved the way her hair looked so she created a haircare line around it.

This article was originally published on Happi.com.