⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ This product is like BOTOX™ for your hair. – Catherine M.



Found naturally in hair and essential to healthy hair fibers, it aids in moisture retention building stronger, smoother hair and reinforcing cuticles while protecting against UVA rays.

Champagne extract

Softens hair while creating a lush shiny effect. It’s also provides anti-pollution and antioxidant defenses, exfoliates and balances the hair and scalp.

Collagen amino acids

Aid hair growth and prevents hair loss. It protects against UVA rays and damage that can occur from use of heat appliances.

Cuveé Complex™

Cuvee's proprietary blend of champagne, white truffle and platinum ferment extracts combined with resveratrol, ceramides and botanicals that immediately nourishes hair, adds shine, strengthen and protects with antioxidant properties


Increases the moisture balance of hair, helping create smoother, shinier hair by promoting healthier hair shaft.

Grapeseed extract

A strong anti-oxidant that promotes resilient, thick, and damage free hair. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp, exfoliates while reducing inflammation. Creating a healthier scalp environment where hair growth is improved.

Hyaluronic acid

A humectant that draws moisture into hair and helps hair retain moisture until the next shampoo.  It nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Hydrolized pea protein

A conditioning agent that improves the overall texture of hair. Enhances hair manageability and leaves hair feeling softer.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Enhances the appearance and feel of hair by increasing body and sheen, provides a protective layer to help lock in moisture for more supple strands.

Hydrolyzed keratin

Extremely effective at strengthening the hair shaft, locking in moisture to restore elasticity and volume.

Hydrolyzed soy protien

Amino acids which coats and conditions hair, improves moisture retention for healthier, shiner hair.

Keratin amino acid

Essential to hair strength and growth, it penetrates the hair shaft preventing cuticle damage.  With deep conditioning properties, it creates sheen and adds volume.

Panthenol (vitamin b)

A vitamin that improves hairs elasticity, adds shine, and detangles by increasing the water content of hair.  Highly restorative and moisturizing.

Platinum ferment extract

Treats hair and scalp by providing antioxidant protection from free radicals and environmental pollutants. Working to detoxify hair and scalp by providing a deep, yet gentle cleansing with nourishing minerals.


Slows down the process of hair loss, fights inflammation of the hair follicles on a cellular level.

White truffle extract

Rich in amino acids and vitamins, helps balance moisture to the hair and scalp. Deep conditions hair, look and feel of hair is softer, revitalized and healthier. Long lasting regenerative and hydrating properties.